Part Number Size (inch) Resolution Active Area
Outline Size
Color B/L I/O View Angle Remarks
LM160-N2C 1.6 240xRGBx240 28.8x28.8 31.2x35.1x1.58 190 262K 3LED SPI 6:00 Without TP
LM160-M2C 1.6 240xRGBx240 28.8x28.8 31.2x35.1x1.58 210 262K 3LED MCU from 6:00 O'clock to 12:00 O'clock Without TP
LM200-N5U 2.0 240xRGBx320 30.6x40.8 36.72x52.74x2.4 240 262K 4LED RGB+SPI 6:00 Without TP
LM220-N3E 2.2 240xRGBx320 33.84x45.12 31.2x35.1x1.58 90 262K 4LED RGB 12:00 Without TP
LM220-Z14 2.2 240xRGBx320 33.84x45.12 33.84x45.12 250 262K 4LED MPU/SPI+RGB 12:00 Without TP
LM283-M4 2.83 240xRGBx320 43.20x57.60 43.20x57.60 124 262K 4LED 18bit CPU,RGB+SPI 12:00 Without TP
LM283-N61 2.83 240xRGBx320 43.20x57.60 43.20x57.60 140 262K 6LED SPI+RGB 3:00 Without TP
LM300-2C1 3.0 240xRGBx400 38.88x64.80 47.28x76.40x2.4 130 262K 4LED RGB+SPI/CPU 6:00 Without TP
LM320-2C 3.2 240xRGBx320 48.6x64.8 57.54x79.2x4.85 110 262K 5LED RGB 12:00 Without TP
LM350-N2 3.5 480xRGBx640 53.57x71.42 63.5x85.5x4.33 123 262K 10LED RGB 12:00 Without TP
LM350-C15 3.5 480xRGBx640 53.568x71.424 64.0x85.0x3.1 120 262K 6LED 18bit RGB Full viewing angle Without TP
LM350-CP2 3.5 240xRGBx320 53.64x71.52 64.0x85.0x4.11 90 262K 6LED 6LED 6:00 Without TP
LM350-CP5 3.5 240xRGBx320 53.64x71.52 64.0x85.0x2.93 100 262K 6LED 6LED 6:00 Without TP

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