Who we are

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Landmark LCDs is best known for designing custom and standard made to order displays. Landmark has the distinguished expertise in bringing LCD products to life with the focus of customer satisfaction and engineering support on demand. We pride ourselves on the unique relationship we foster with each of our partners. Our select team with over 35 years of experience designing and manufacturing LCDs is committed to delivering high-quality displays and getting the most value for your investment. Landmark products and services include custom high bright and standard brightness LCDs, capacitive touchscreens for TN, STN, FSTN, VA, and TFT displays, environmental testing, and rapid prototyping.

We attribute our success in understanding customer requirements in each market segment including industrial, consumer, medical instrumentation, marine, avionics, gaming and digital signage. Our deep passion and knowledge of display technology and the worldwide markets we serve allows us to provide innovative solutions to everyday products.

Latest technologies

Landmark’s inspiration of using technology to better our lives is the driving force in how we deliver our solutions. Whether using custom 4k resolution high bright full viewing LCD modules or developing ruggedized NEMA enclosures with glove sensing projective capacitive touchscreens, we understand each program is case specific. This in turn warrants attention to detail when matching technology and innovation with each customer expectation.